Army Email

It is reported that nearly half of all active-duty soldiers in the United States Army have access to a Defense Internet Information Technology Enterprise (DIE) email address. This means that approximately half of all United States Army personnel have access to a Defense Internet Information Technology Enterprise (DIE) email address. This may be because of the popularity of email (more than three billion pieces of mail are sent every day worldwide). Since it is often easier and less costly to communicate via email than by fax or radio, the prevalence of email has created a need for military personnel to maintain and use an email address.

Army Email

Since many military email messages are business-driven and do not include personal information the military email signature is not as important as the subject line and message body. Nevertheless, military email users must ensure their email signature has the correct format and content. This is done by creating a custom signature with the recipient’s email address and subject line. Creating a signature is typically simple and takes less than five minutes to do. After creating your signature, military or non-military user can forward the signature to others; however, military emails cannot be forwarded by anyone other than the sender.

If you are a non-military user and would like to request to add your contact information to the public, military email signature then you will need to send a request in accordance with the procedures in our privacy policy. Please be aware that without your expressed permission or acknowledgment you may include or transmit to the public your contact information. To avoid this problem, you should only include your company email address and/or website address when you are the signatory. Military email signatures should be limited to one contact per signature and a separate email address for military contacts only. You should also refrain from sending out copies of your military email signature to third parties. It is always wise to use a piece of alternate contact information for your military contacts as it is not possible for military contacts to check out your emails.

The following are the procedures to get Army OWA Email:

  • Do you have a CAC card and a CAC reader on hand? (In certain cases, it is preferable if the CAC card and reader are already plugged in before visiting the website.)
  • This is the URL to access Army OWA Webmail:

The message “Certificate Error”, “Security Error”, or “site not secure error” may be safely ignored and the OWA mail service can be continued.

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